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The Raven's Nightingale

Mac and James are the best of friends even with the huge differences in their upbringing. The one thing that they have varying opinions on are Mac's hobbies of solving dangerous crimes and sleeping around with a new person every week, never seeming to get emotionally attached to anyone.

But with each new crime that they solve the next ones are more dangerous and are slowly getting more and more personal. With some of the most dangerous criminals looming on the horizon the last thing that they need to worry about is growing feelings that they have for each other.



Antonio, the son of a high-ranking Mafia member, hates how his life has turned out but has lost all motivation to change it. He has nothing left of himself. He just does whatever his father tells him to do without complaint. 


Stephanie used to be a normal girl with a normal family and a normal life. But everything changed one day when her parents never came home from work. The only thing they left behind was a book of weird symbols and a locked box with no key. 


Antonio and Stephanie's fates are intertwined long before they ever meet. However, can they survive long enough to find the answers they are both looking for, or will they wind up just like their parents - dead?



"Wait, how did I make you quit? You reek of smoke," Sebastian replied starting to get annoyed with talking to drunken Danny. He rolled down Danny's side window a crack to try to get rid of some of the smoke smell.


"Oh, do I? My friends were smoking around me at the party. Can I shower at your place to get rid of the smell?" Danny asked avoiding the first question entirely.


"You can, but you avoided the first question, Danny."


"Oh, what was it again?"


"How did I make you quit smoking?"


"Oh right, that. Well, ever since I found out that you didn't like the smell of smoke I've tried a couple times to quit, and this would be the longest I've gone so far without a smoke."


"Why did it matter to you that I didn't like the smell of smoke?"


"Well that's because I like you," Danny replied simply smiling like an idiot as he slowly began to nod off.


Danny will do whatever it takes to protect his younger brother but when he meets Sebastian, the new kid in town, he questions everything that he was led to believe. There is a shadow over Sebastian as he tries his best to move on and forget the traumatic incident that had happened back in his hometown. Being forced to work together Danny brings back the worst parts of Sebastian's past, and Danny rediscovers his own closeted skeletons that Sebastian had brought back to life. Trigger Warning


The Forbidden Village

Feeling like she just doesn't belong anywhere, Kristine tries her best to fit in where ever she can. Even though her abilities just make her more of an outcast on Earth, someone else sees them as a great asset.


Dragged into a war that she knows nothing about, Kristine must learn to find her place in the world of the Fae before someone decides to extinguish her life forever.


With some royal help she embarks on a journey to stop the devastating war and find out who she really was before the war had started.


But there is a third player in this game meant for two and they will do anything to make sure that she never remembers who she really was.

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Hell's Heat

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and species. A dark romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what could happen next.


Anita Nightingale is a high school student who seems like nothing could've possibly gone wrong in her life. She's nice to everyone she meets and has never said a cruel word about anyone.


But no one knows about her dark past. Or why the mute guidance counsellor has an interesting fascination for her. Suddenly her whole world is flipped upside down when her apartment is burned down.


Who is after her? And why does this weird dog keep appearing whenever she gets into trouble?



He was the ocean's last hope against pollution and over fishing.


But with his fate resting in the hands of a crippled teenage air breather with dual leg braces, how much can he really manage to do to make a dent in anything?


I mean, what can a human and a merman manage to accomplish just on their own?


70% of all the profits will be going to save our oceans, the company name is in the book and on my Facebook page, and how much is donated each month will also be kept up on my Facebook page.

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Stand Alone Novels

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